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Emerald Loudspeakers by Pylon Audio

Emerald 25 - in a shapely, modern design you will find the above-average dynamics and spatial presentation with a large scale and full control of the sound, from the beginning of the lowest registers.

The speakers that have been used in Emerald 25 allowed to obtain excellent effects in terms of differentiation of recordings. The sound of the set is characterized with filling, perfect micro and macro dynamics and distinguishing presentation of both vocals and acoustic instruments.


Impedance: 4 Ohm
Bandwidth: 35Hz - 20kHz
Nominal power: 110 W
Maximum power: 220 W
Efficiency: 89 dB
Dimensions: [W x H x D]: 185 x 1010 x 320 mm
Weight: 30 kg (piece)
Woofery: 2 x Pylon Audio PSW 17.8 CJA
Tweeter: Pylon Audio PST T-120.6 (mod. Seas 27TDC)
Spikes + stand: YES
Speaker grille: YES, magnetic
Warranty: 4 years

Available finish options:

-Natural veneer + polished HG : rosewood, indian apple, american walnut, ebony marocco
- Natural veneer, mat + 20% gloss : rosewood, indian apple, american walnut, ebony marocco
- High gloss: white, black
- Mat: white, black
- We can customize individual orders with RAL colours.

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In the latest flagship set we have used Pylon Audio PSW 18.8 CJA woofers drivers. The speakers were design in a way that would minimize harmonic distortion and the width of the played band. In the process of design, not only technical parameters of the driver were precisely refined by usage of Faraday ring, but also we have paid careful attention to finishing details of sounding layer by using innovative membrane made of cellulose and silk, that allows to obtain richer, fuller sound. The upper band is being complemented by modified 27TDC tweeter made by Norwegian Seas, appreciated by us because of its transparency and colour saturation.

By using heavy, made of metal stand, that at the same time is integrated with the set, we have received wonderful combination of stiffness of the enclosure and dumping of its vibrations. The inside of the enclosure is filled with sheep wool, that has very good dumping properties. All the above mentioned techniques has influenced the readability and depth of the sound.