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"So, to summarise then, this is an affordable awesomely good sounding speaker that I am more than positive will be putting as big a smile on many owner’s faces as it has mine throughout my time with them. They fit in well with most room decors and the dedicated stand included in the price makes it even more of a hifi bargain. I therefore give these speakers my wholehearted endorsement and my Platinum Award without any hesitation."

About Pylon Audio

I had a chance to actually visit this wonderful family run business and see how their skilled craftspeople make these incredible speakers and accessories. I was taken through the entire process from start to finish. I am so impressed at the level of artistry they can produce while making custom orders for those who are interested. Everyone I met seemed to be very proud of the products they were producing and that pride shows when you see and hear the finished product. The secret is out. They are producing quality speakers in a small town in Poland.

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